For Probiotic Bundle
For Probiotic Bundle
For Probiotic Bundle

For Probiotic Bundle

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  • Effective and complementary
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Covers a full spectrum of healthy support
  • Probiotic, pro-balance, pro-health
  • Relieves pain, reduces anxiety


Turn Up the Volume on Health and Happiness

Dogs have pain they can’t express. Their bodies have needs you can’t guess. And by the time symptoms become obvious to you, the underlying causes have been usually working against your precious pal for some time. Pup Science comes to the rescue with a complement of modern supplements based on ancient wisdom, clinical testing, and best practices in formulations and production.

Once something goes awry, whole systems can get thrown off balance, making the nutritional content of your dog’s daily food inadequate to regain their health and well-being. That’s why you might want to take a three-pronged approach to addressing your pet’s problems — or simply to maintain and assure their youthful health and vigor!

Pup Science Products Are

Products are distributed and manufactured by Pup Science and made from 100% all-natural ingredients. Pup Science does not use harmful chemicals or additives in their products. This ensures each product’s purity and safety.

All products distributed and manufactured by Pup Science are manufactured in a facility that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA). Pup Science ensures that all products found on their website are consistently produced to the highest quality.

Pup Science uses GMP-certified facilities that comply to international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards covering all aspects of production.

All products distributed and manufactured by Pup Science are verified to be 100% proudly made in the USA, and, as such, each and every product meticulously follows standard regulationsto protect the health of the environment as well as the general well-being of the consumers.

Perfect Combo for Pet Care

You can think of natural supplements as food. There’s good food and food that’s badfor us. There are good diets and bad diets. And even when we try to give our dogs good food and a balanced diet, the outside world of toxins, viruses, bad bacteria, and stress are multiple-fold, sometimes requiring a multiple-supplement solution.

Give your dog the best in support, relief, and protection with a combination of high-grade supplements by Pup Science. Designed to complement rather than overlap, these three supplements — HEMP OIL, MULTI-VITAMIN & PROBIOTIC, and HIP & JOINT— address the most common challenges your dogs are likely to encounter due to environmental stressors, age-related inflammation and pain, and common digestive issues. These supplements have been shown in clinical settings to work fast and ef-fectively, safe and non-toxic alternatives to pharmaceutical solutions the also help maintain a healthy internal balance.

Step 1: REDUCE

Pain and anxiety with HEMP OIL; digestive problems with MULTI-VITAMIN & PROBIOTIC


Irritable Bowel Syndrome and gastric distress with MULTI-VITAMIN & PROBIOTIC


Moods and behaviors, appetite with MULTI-VITAMIN & PROBIOTIC


Onset and progression of age or arthritic-related joint pain with HIP & JOINT

What Our Clients Say


"I prefer natural solutions made from high quality ingredients that have stood the test of time. Oh, yeah. I’ve done my research. And so has Pup Science. I have given Pup Science supplements HEMP OIL and MULTI-VITAMIN & PROBIOTIC to my dog Cali for months now and we’re seeing miraculous results with no side effects. This is a dog who is experiencing something called wellness. Healthy, calm, and happy!"

Elizabeth, 53 Durham, NC

"My vet was the one who insisted rather than suggested that I give my elderly dog Spud supplements for joint pain and for a really sad-looking coat. In just a few months, HIP & JOINT has made a striking difference in Spud’s mobility and energy. SKIN & COAT has made Spud look younger, scratch less, and now he gets much more hugging and cuddling from the whole family!"

Chuck, 34 Truckee, CA

"Two words: HEMP. OIL. Thank you, Pup Science, for this quality formulation and for the crazy, mad pain relief it has given our “adult puppy” Kiki. Her rear end was clipped by a mountain biker last year and she’s been miserable. Once we licked the pain and anxiety, we added MULTI-VITAMIN & PROBIOTIC for her overall health. We get the BUNDLE now because why not? Anything for Kiki."

Sabrina, 28 Geneva, NY