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Pup Science supplements take the guess work out of maximizing your dog friend’s daily care routine with high quality, all natural formulations.


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Probiotics and vitamins round out a homemade diet or non-thera-peutic amounts in commercial dog foods, giving ballast to your dog’s nutrition — and your own peace of mind.


While your pet can’t communicate its hip or joint pain, by a certain age you can be sure it is present in many breeds. Early proactive measures with a good supplement can delay the onset of symptoms and mute pain.


We can’t really protect our dogs from exogenous toxins, pollutants, and free-radicals. Supplements that support systemic, organ, and immune health give them a fighting chance to avoid, or better man-age, disease.

What our clients say


My rescue pit bull mix is still a nervous girl, and when she gets stressed, she gets the loosies and dry skin. Since giving Josie Pup Science MULTI-VITAMIN& PROBIOTIC and SKIN & COAT, her chronic diarrhea has completely cleared up, better than when we’ve used antibiotics. And she’s no longer scratching. She might even be in a better mood — I know I am!

Sharlene Starkey, 31, Cottonwood, AZ

I’ve definitely noticed big differences in the health of my Shepherd since putting her on Pup Science HIP & JOINT and HEMP OIL. At eight, Diego’s step is more lively, and her flaky skin allergies are much, much better. She’s like a young pup again! I think it’s important to pay attention to managing her health in her latter years. Don’t we do the same for our human family?

Dawn Esposito, 46, Tom’s River, NJ

My dog Cal gets into everything — and I mean everything! He’ll roll in any-thing as long as it’s nasty. I’m not letting that get up on my bed at night! Since I have to give him frequent baths, it dries out his skin and his coat is fluffy and dry instead of sleek and shiny. Pup Science SKIN & COAT keeps Cal’s fur healthy and nice — even when he’s a stinker!

Fabio Warren, 35, Boise, ID